Muha Campaign Photo

Michael T. Muha has announced his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania’s 50th State Senate seat.  Michael’s strong sense of public service and devotion to civics motivates him to run for Pennsylvania State Senate.  He wants to be your State Senator in Harrisburg because he believes that he can offer new leadership and fresh ideas to improve the lives of all Northwestern Pennsylvanians.  Many residents of Northwestern Pennsylvania are continuously under-served in the State Senate, which has led to underfunded public schools, higher local taxes, crumbling infrastructure, stagnant job markets, and cronyism at the expense of taxpayers.

Michael has a vision to improve the lives of the people of the 50th District by advocating for better government and an increase in funding for public education, as well as finding  innovative solutions to repair the economic and communal stagnation that affects many communities from Sharon and Meadville to Titusville and Grove City.  If you want new leadership, better government, and a chance to see your community improve, then stand                                                                                                                   with Michael.

The general election for Pennsylvania’s 50th State Senate District will occur on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

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